FOod Safety & Regulations

Analytical chemistry

  • Stats of food recalls & food poisoning
  • Importance of food safety
  • General facts about regulations
  • What food companies can do to prevent this (HACCP, Testing)
  • Food Fraud – Melamine in Milk, Plasticiser in Bubble Tea, others
  • How certain Macronutrients are actually calculated (eg. Protein from Inorganic and Organic N – Kjeldahl)
  • Importance of Precision (LOD vs LOQ) – Absent of micronutrients

Food microbiology

Food chemistry & nutrition

  • Introduction to microbes
    • Pathogenic vs Non-pathogenic
  • Microbiology Susceptibility (how much does it take to get diarrhea/sick/hospitalise/death)
  • Microbiology Growth
    • Duration
    • Oxygen
    • Water Activity
    • Nutrients
    • Acidity
    • Temperature
  • ¬†Importance of Food Chemistry – Taste, Texture, Nutritional Content, Bioavailability, Stability (+ reformulation)