The importance of analytical chemistry

Things aren’t always what they seem. Remember the 2007 milk scandal, when nitrogen-rich melamine was added to milk to inflate its protein content?

Food adulteration is prevalent where substances are measured indirectly. With analytical chemistry, we can identify food adulteration and protect consumers’ health.

Various factors, such as equipment and reagent costs, analyst wages, and turnaround time (TAT), are affected by the type of analytical method.

Generally, instrument-based methods cost more per sample as they may require extensive training for operators. For some tests, such as heavy metal tests, sample preparation also influences analysis costs.

In addition to the basic sample preparation fee, small fees are charged for additional parameters analysed. In general, it is more economical to test more parameters for analyses that require sample preparation.

Last but not least, the LOD and LOQ of an analytical method are also crucial factors to consider when it comes to its sensitivity and precision.

International standards

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