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Food Testing Flowchart

Step 1 – Identify tests
It is important to understand which tests are relevant to your food matrix, product category and country regulation. At Co-Lab, we help food companies identify what test would be suitable to achieve your objectives.

Step 2 – Delivery of samples
Select your timing for sample collection on the weekdays (excluding public holidays)
• Morning (9am – 11am)
• Afternoon (1pm – 3pm)
Upon delivery, you would be notified to make payment.

Step 3 – Payment
For routine orders and loyal customers, payment can be made at the end of the month.

Step 4 – Obtain Results
The Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be sent to your registered email.

Step 5 – Customer Support
Co-Lab serve as the single touch point for all your testing needs. Any issues regarding your results or tests can be resolved through us as we have direct contact with the lab technician conducting your test.
Based on the objective of your test, we may advise you on the interpretation of your results or the next action.

Step 6 – Additional Services
These are paid services where food companies are interested in consultancy or to apply for the Healthier Choice Symbol and make Nutrients/Health Claims. Please seek your respective salesperson to advise on the charges for this.

Who are we?

Co-Lab is a high-touch service provider that provides food companies with a one-stop solution for food testing. Through our expertise in the food industry we are able to identify your requirements quickly and provide the most suitable lab test from our database by optimising on either cost, speed, quality or choosing specific method references/experimental procedures. You can view us as both a food consultant and a lab test aggregator.

Are our lab partners accredited?

Most of our lab partners are accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to ISO17025 standard and recognised by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) under the Laboratory Recognition Program (LRP). Please specify the accreditation that you need or the purpose of testing if you are unsure while ordering.

Why Co-Lab?

Single Touch-Point

Instead of liaising with multiple labs and different contacts for quotation, sample reception, release of results and technical queries, Co-Lab serve as the single touch-point for all your testing needs. Simply drop us an email or WhatsApp about anything and we will respond in less than an hour.

Service Efficiency

  • Quick response rate
    • Our in-house tech-enabled solutions have enhanced our salesperson with capabilities to operate at an unprecedented efficiency
  • Lab test on demand
    • Order within minutes with WhatsApp
  • Easy payment
    • Make payment within seconds through Paynow
  • Guaranteed Deliveries
    • Our pickup timing are flexible, couriers are responsible and timely
  • Technical Queries
    • Our dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and salesperson have enabled us to provide the best customer service that support your food testing needs.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are well below market rate. Most food companies would obtain a better rate through us than directly liaising with labs. To understand how we are able to obtain such a competitive rate, view below.

How are our rates so competitive?

Besides having multiple lab partners in close contact and the economic of scale we provide to them, Co-Lab is a tech-enabled service provider. We assist our lab partners in optimising their operations and enhancing their capabilities to take more orders. In return, we receive a heavily subsidised rate.