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About Us

What can Co-Lab do for you?

Who are we?

Co-Lab is a high-touch service provider that provides food companies with a one-stop solution for food testing. Through our expertise in the food industry we are able to identify your requirements quickly and provide the most suitable lab test from our database by optimising on either cost, speed, quality or choosing specific method references/experimental procedures. You can view us as both a food consultant and a lab test aggregator.

Are our lab partners accredited?

All of our lab partners are accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to ISO17025 standard and recognised by Singapore Food Agency (SFA) under the Laboratory Recognition Program (LRP). 

Why Co-Lab?

Service Efficiency

  • Quick response rate
    • Our in-house tech-enabled solutions have enhanced our salesperson with capabilities to operate at an unprecedented efficiency
  • Lab test on demand
    • Order within minutes with WhatsApp now
  • Easy payment
    • Make payment within seconds through Paynow
  • Guaranteed Deliveries
    • Our pickup timing are flexible, couriers are responsible and timely

Competitive Rates

Our interactive database of over 20 lab partners and strategic partnership, allow us to provide a competitive rate quickly (view below).

Service Excellence

Our dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and salesperson have enabled us to provide the best customer service that support your food testing needs.

How are our rates so competitive?

Co-Lab is a tech-enabled service provider. Through our strategic partnerships, we assist our lab partners in optimising their operations and enhance their capabilities. In return, we receive a heavily subsidised rate.