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The One-Stop Food Testing Solution

Experienced in serving over hundreds of food companies by handling all of their lab tests

Food testing

About Us

Co-Lab provides an end solution for all your food testing needs. Ensuring food safety, creating nutritional labels, expiry date, and health claims are some purposes for conducting lab tests on your food products. With our depth of knowledge in food space, we are able to guide you on the relevant tests that cater to your requirements whether you are selling juices, fresh produce, meat, pastries, alcohol, oils, or ready-to-eat meals.

Popular Tests

We offer a wide range of food tests and services for different purposes such as nutritional labelling (including nutri-grade) and expiry date marking allowing your company to release your products to the market quickly.

Nutri grade

Nutri-Grade Label (NEW!) via
Lab Testing & Food Services

$1,000 – $5,000 (per Menu)
depending on the number of SKUs in the menu and ingredients of SKUs, etc.


Nutritional Labelling via
Nutriton Testing

$300 – $580 (per SKUs)
depending on the number of SKUs, sample matrix, schedule, etc.


Expiry Date Marking via
Shelf-Life Testing

$800-$10,000 (per order)
depending on the number of SKUs, testing points, test parameters etc.

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Why Co-Lab?

Co-Lab is a high-touch service provider that provides food companies with a one-stop solution for Food Testing Singapore. Through our expertise in the food industry we are able to identify your requirements quickly and provide the most suitable lab test by optimising on either cost, speed, quality or choosing specific method references/experimental procedures.

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